The Training Student Leaders Binder Covers the Most Critical Topics

The 140+ page binder features 10 timely topics that are critical for your school’s student-led groups:

  • Gender-based discrimination, including Title IX compliance and preventing sexual harassment/sexual assault
  • Privacy and access, including ADA, FERPA, HIPAA and more
  • Diversity, social justice, inclusion, and increasing understanding and awareness
  • Risk management, prevention, liability and more
  • Free expression, including free speech, activism, making your voice heard, safe/brave spaces and peaceful assembly
  • Budgeting, financial literacy, student fees, group finances and more
  • Ethical decision-making, including integrity, character and making difficult decisions
  • Civility, informed discussions, articulating opinions, avoiding condescension and more
  • Working with varied populations, including adult students, veterans, LGBTQIA+ and Dreamers
  • Responsibility towards group members, including being supportive when dealing with mental health, finances and other major life issues and promoting a strong team


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